Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Commercial Contract and General Business

  • Corporate advice to start up and development stage businesses
  • Venture capital financing on behalf of start up and development stage businesses and investors
  • Advice concerning protection of trade secret, knowhow and other intellectual property
  • Litigation to recover reasonable legal fees
  • Real estate lease advice to owner of multiple commercial properties
  • Investor suit against seller of securities for misrepresentation and fraud
  • Inventor and company founder’s suit against marketing and sales manager for beach of loyalty, breach of fiduciary duty and damages based on sales manager establishing mirror image company in foreign jurisdiction to compete with founder in worldwide sale of proprietary, patented product
  • Claimed breach of finder’s agreement
  • Dispute between employer and worker’s compensation insurer alleging breach of contract and negligence, and presenting threshold issue whether Federal Arbitration Act is preempted by the McCarran-Ferguson Act and the Nebraska Uniform Arbitration Act
  • Dispute over ownership of client files and right to use partnership trade secrets on termination of status as employee
  • Dispute over which board of directors had been validly elected and had right to control pending litigation
  • Dispute over ownership of product developed using information in a library of proprietary information which the parties (some of whom are former employees of the other party) had agreed to share and allow access to for one purpose but which one party used to develop and commercialize a product without first having obtained consent to use of technology not part of the agreement to share the library of technology
  • Dispute whether investment advisor had breached fiduciary duty to charitable foundation and had misappropriated foundation’s assets
  • Dispute arising from failure to execute proper document assigning asset (a money judgment) to family trust
  • Dispute over distribution of interpleaded funds deposited after judgment in wrongful death action
  • Dispute whether lawyer had breached contract to perform legal services
  • Dispute whether terms of contract between talent agency and clients contained illegal terms and conditions
  • Class action based on claim of unlawful denial of overtime pay by restaurant business
  • Dispute whether plaintiff class was sufficiently ascertainable in action alleging fraud by multiple insurers
  • Dispute over amount of attorney fees properly awarded on settlement of class action
  • Dispute over propriety of denial of motion to compel arbitration of claims by members of certain subclasses of plaintiffs who had utilized escrow services of defendant escrow companies
  • Dispute whether local municipal bus company had breached contract with foreign manufacturer of buses when it terminated contract to purchase large number of busses based on alleged failure of manufacturer to meet initial delivery obligation
  • Dispute whether judgment creditor properly initiated fraudulent transfer action in effort to collect on judgment
  • Dispute over scope of liability and propriety of discounting of unpaid invoices in garment industry for work performed
  • Dispute over judgment creditor seeking to levy on stock certificates of judgment debtor
  • Dispute over scope of coverage among layers of insurance policies
  • Suit by excess insurer of tire manufacturer to recover sums it paid in settlement of personal injury claim allegedly resulting from defective design, materials and manufacture of tire resulting in blowout and rendering the driver a quadriplegic