Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)



  • Wage and hour claims by employees and scope of liability of employers and their principals for payment of wages
  • Suits for wrongful termination by employees in various businesses
  • Suits for damages for sexual harassment by employees of public agencies
  • FEHA, Title VII, harassment, retaliation and other claims against private and public employers
  • Trials de novo following Labor Commissioner determinations of wages and penalties owed to employees
  • Teacher’s suit for damages against school district which caused her to be removed from the classroom, after which she was placed on 72 hour hold when she allegedly expressed desire to commit suicide while at work
  • Claim by employee against agency employer for sexual harassment and creation of hostile work environment
  • Suit by employee against employer for disability discrimination, failure to reasonably accommodate medical condition, and failure to engage in the interactive process in violation of FEHA