Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Environmental and CEQA

  • Dispute over propriety of Regional Water Quality Control Board determination that party is a discharger and subject to order to clean up and abate pollution discovered in residential housing tract
  • Dispute over right to obtain permit to construct compound of five large residences in coastal zone
  • Residents’ challenge to procedure used by city in effort to comply with CEQA in city’s desire to materially increase use of large public sporting venue
  • Dispute over CERCLA liability of former owner of real property
  • Dispute over school district’s compliance with CEQA in construction of major addition at a high school
  • Dispute whether city had complied with CEQA in determination to redevelop parcel
  • Dispute whether city had prepared adequate EIR prior to granting building permit for big box store
  • Dispute whether city’s area local community plan and EIR were sufficient to comply with CEQA in development of high-density housing
  • Dispute whether EIR was required for development of infill project after area had been empty for period of time