Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Governmental Entities

  • Obligation of physician to respond to inquiry from Medical Board investigating physician’s continued competence to practice medicine notwithstanding physician’s claims that disclosure of patient files would violate patients’ right to privacy or constitute an unlawful search under the Fourth Amendment
  • Whether recreational trail defense applies to trail situated nearby, but protected from, public golf course
  • Dispute over application of First Amendment and Brown Act to rights to speak at meetings of public agencies
  • Whether Alcoholic Beverage Control Act applies to dispute over payment for purchase of alcoholic beverages by licensee from distributor
  • Dispute over application of city zoning ordinance to construction on neighboring lot
  • Dispute over propriety of discipline imposed by Civil Service Commission on Deputy Sheriff
  • Employee claims of harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination based on sexual orientation
  • Propriety of public agency disciplining employee when, while acting in private capacity and off duty as a private investigator, county employee placed a tracking device on vehicle of person he was investigating for a client
  • Dispute whether person had been wrongly arrested by police department
  • Action by city against numerous sellers and distributors of marijuana for public nuisance, violation of Narcotics Abatement Law and unfair competition