Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Personal injury and other torts

  • Celebrity’s claim for invasion of privacy by environmental group documenting condition of areas adjacent to celebrity’s residence
  • Claim by fashion designer that celebrity defamed designer to plaintiff’s clients and others in the fashion industry
  • Suit by limited purpose public figure against author for allegedly libelous publication in book
  • Claim by pregnant employee for death of fetus allegedly resulting from exposure to toxic substances in workplace
  • Claim of elder abuse by elder and her guardian based on personal injuries sustained in multiple falls and injuries while in skilled nursing facility
  • HOA liability for pedestrian slip and fall on sidewalk adjacent to HOA property
  • Retail store's liability for box falling on customer’s head in store aisle
  • Driver's liability for injuries sustained by bicyclist in collision with motorist
  • Claim against nearby dining establishment for personal injuries sustained by one patron in adjacent parking lot due to battery by another patron who was allegedly severely intoxicated
  • Application of good Samaritan defense by physician who was on the scene of automobile collision
  • Claims of false imprisonment and of negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress by parent against school district
  • Negligence and premises liability claims by surviving family of decedent who rode his horse over train trestle and was killed by oncoming train
  • Numerous automobile accidents, some with catastrophic injuries
  • Whether trial court properly excused a juror and whether court improperly permitted defense expert testimony
  • Malicious prosecution actions