Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Probate, Estates and Trusts

  • Validity of claims by employees of ownership of stock in decedent entertainer’s corporation which held properties of substantial value
  • Petition for approval of accounting in estate; whether gift of property to remainder beneficiaries was a residuary gift or to be used to discharge a pecuniary gift
  • Propriety of amount of fees awarded to administrator and to attorney for estate
  • Claims of financial elder abuse in connection with quitclaim deeds of real property
  • Whether comparative fault instruction was warranted in legal malpractice action against attorney who prepared estate planning documents and was instructed to maintain separate property status of assets transferred to revocable living trust of married couple but who did not draft appropriate documents for client’s signature
  • Suit against administrator of estate to establish claimant’s right to real property of decedent