Hon. Allan J. Goodman (Ret.)


Construction and Real Estate

  • Dispute over nonjudicial foreclosure and standing to challenge allegedly invalid assignments of trust deed
  • Dispute whether seller of convalescent care facility stripped value from the going concern after entering into contract for its sale and prior to the closing date on the sale of the facility
  • Dispute over use of funds provided by investor to start up business for personal expenses of persons charged with opening and operating it
  • Disputes over value of services rendered in constructing commercial and residential buildings
  • HOA – condominium owner dispute over liability for water intrusion into units
  • Landlord-tenant disputes regarding provision of habitable dwellings
  • Breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims by purchaser of apartment building
  • Dispute over proper amount of damages in eminent domain litigation
  • Suits to regain title from forgers of deeds to real property
  • Disputes over proper procedure for public agency to consider request to change zoning to allow substantial, new use in commercial property previously permitted for different use
  • Dispute over right of real estate agents to share commissions under written agreement
  • Dispute over sale of residential real property by entity with arguably defective authorization to sell
  • Dispute over adverse possession claim based on continuous use of sole access road to otherwise landlocked parcel
  • Dispute over proper boundary between neighbors sharing common driveway
  • Dispute whether foreclosure on residential real property complied with statutory requirements
  • Dispute between restaurant tenant and landlord which had constructed improvements for tenant, but which leaked, rendering substantial portion of restaurant unusable, and tenant’s claim for lost prospective profits
  • Dispute whether loan servicer which initiated foreclosure had title to residential real estate which was the object of the foreclosure
  • Borrowers’ disputes with loan servicers over compliance with Homeowners Bill of Rights
  • Disputes over validity and extent of easements by claimants of rights to use them as against owners of fee interests
  • Disputes over existence of view easements
  • Disputes between neighbors regarding rights to remove overhanging vegetation
  • Dispute between new owner of land and commercial building desiring unrestricted view from and of that building and owner of billboard with recorded easement to maintain billboard for term extending beyond date of new owner’s acquisition of land and which sign partially blocks view of building
  • Commercial and residential landlords’ suits against tenants for non-payment of rent
  • Derivative action by condominium association owners against HOA’s insurer seeking indemnity for amounts paid to settle claims of other owners based on alleged negligence of HOA
  • Suit to quiet title to prescriptive easement on land owned by public agency
  • Suit to vacate judgment quieting title to residential real property
  • Lessee’s claim of breach of clause in addendum requiring landlord to make certain improvements
  • Claim of failure by home inspector to discover and report defects in real property being purchased